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Lose in hesitation, win in action

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My name’s Robert , I am a financial and IT professional who’s been working in financial and tech industry for over 7 years and graduated both my undergraduate and master’s degrees from University of Washington along with certificates in Python Programming and Data Science.

I went to University of Washington in 2009 right after my graduation from high school. I prepared all the materials myself in class while studying for the Chinese entrance exam in an isolated area required by my high school. I only have time to take TOEFL exam and really don’t have time to take the SAT tests but since I specialize in English (I won 1st and 2nd prize in National English Olympic Contest before), I do have decent score there. I also asked my high school to produce a transcript with an average GPA of 3.9 and selected Universities based on their overall and major specific US News Rankings and world rankings and location potential for employment and network. With these materials and consideration, I applied for University of Washington, Penn State University, Michigan State University and University of Oregon and got offers from all of them with some school offering me merit based financial aid as well. I ended up deciding to attend University of Washington and finished my undergraduate with 190 credits in about 3 years and that was one of the best decisions in my life.

US universities actually give you flexibility about major until Sophomore, and I ended up going for Business School since it is one of best business school in NW and I happened to aced all my Math and Stats class (I raised some curves by 10 points) and some ECON classes and passed my written assessment as well and was accepted by business school the very first time I applied. I chose to focus on Finance and Information System and was very actively involved with over 25 organizations during my time on campus and took leadership positions in at least 8 of them overtime (my Linkedin has more details).

After graduation, I first joined Russel Investment for Procurement and Global Finance but ultimately went for Amazon in their Appstore Team. I stayed at Amazon for three years during which I also went to and paid for my master program in Information System and graduated with 3.74 GPA (also took the GRE and GMAT tests for applications as well with decent scores). I later went to some other companies in E-sports, Gaming and has been working in Mobile App and tech industries for almost 6 years as well. I specialized in Data Science, Analysis, Data Engineer, User Acquisition, Marketing Analysis, Statistical and Financial Modeling, Python, R, SQL, Microsoft Suite, Tableau, Superset, Data Ware House, Red shift, AWS Suite, supply chain management, product management, advertising dsp, automation and many other aspects.

I am also a mentor for Foster Business and UW undergraduate student for over 3 years and some of my mentees ended up going to Columbia University for master’s in electrical Engineers and some finished the Ph.D. in Material Science when they were struggling with many classes at school before meeting me. I do personally consider it a duty to bring out next generation leaders and tech genius as much as we can and there are best examples to follow both in terms of study, career and life in general. I also offer my mentees mock interview, job referral and resource management advices and consulting to help them get to the next step. I personally I’m extremely familiar with all aspects of immigration since I’ve been through many myself including school, work and marriage, so I do have abundant suggestions I can give you if you are interested taking the immigration steps as well and your available options. I am very well networked person both in Greater Seattle area and California and would love to give some advice on networking in general and in specific area of expertise as well since they really help boost your career and life.

I have been in US for almost 10 years now, so looking back it is a very challenging yet interesting journey and I’m glad I’ve got to meet so many amazing people and get into various aspects of American life. This country does validate your ability and still have the energy to keep learning and exploring and fight for everyone’s right and liberty. Whether you want to come here just for school or live here, it has benefits in all aspects and you can always find your fits. It is summed up perfectly by the quote on Statue of Liberty –“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore”. It is indeed an experience worth pursuing, fight for and live for.

As for my personal hobbies, I’m rather versatile and interested in most aspects of life, I love movies, gaming, animation, traveling, singing, dancing, hiking, camping, sports, water sports, ziplining, social and network. I love meeting and make friends with people, being knowledge, considerate and helpful are the keys to a large network. Thus, looking forward to working with you about your goal, passion and future to the U.S., and hope I can help make your dream come true while having a great experience studying, working and living here!






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    I have been in US for almost 10 years now






• 快速了解自身条件在申请群体中的定位,了解自己的优势与劣势

• 如何利用剩下的时间迅速扬长避短,提高申请成功率

• 介绍美国相关项目的特点以及就业出路,提供具体的专业和职业信息,薪水以及相关细节

• 结合申请人自身背景与职业生活规划提出推荐项目,提供具体规划和目标

形式:语音咨询 + 选校项目推荐表





• 明确写CV的目的以及目标受众(申请学校/找工作) ,成功吸引面试官和受众的注意和兴趣

• 如何用CV构建一个关于个人的故事和打造个人品牌 ,留下良好而深刻的印象

• 如何写好一段经历 (写Bullet Point的诀窍) 和进入大公司的秘密窍门

• 如何排版才能显得CV比较充实而又易读

• 如何按照CV拟定自己个人背景提升的计划来凸显自己

• 如何扬长避短让目标受众觉得真实又出色

形式:在线语音咨询 + 样本CV展示 + 已有CV评论点评(可选,360元) + 领英(Linkedin)职业更改点评(可选,360元)




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